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Celebrating 25 years of DJing this year Sandi Hotrod is the epitome of Old School EDM. Sandi has held residencies and appeared at some of Australia’s biggest venues and events including; Arq, The Wickham Hotel, The Beresford Hotel, Bank Hotel, The Colombian Hotel, The Dome, The Meeting Place and 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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Now residing in Hervey Bay QLD, Sandi Hotrod is also a proud member of the LGBTQ community and has participated in a number of LGBTQ events including; Sydney’s Mardi Gras, The Under Bear Party, Chunky Hard Tool Party, Honey, Homosexual Matinee 2010, Tongue Twister, Bitch, Moist, Sly Fox, Queer Central, Slide, Phoenix Rising, Manacle (BENT), The Dykes On Bikes, Ship Wrecked, Navigation2, The Queens Ball, The Escape Bar, Leather Pride, SLP Fair Days, Wig Out, The Black Parties, The Beyon, ManHunt, Filthy Gorgeous Night, Eat My Cake, New Zealand Gay Games, Not The Lesbian Ball, Lick, Come Together, Mancamp, Inquisition, Woof Club, Black Duck Soup, Sleeze Ball, Triumph Party, and Tropical Fruits New Years Eve Festival.